My Favorite Funnel Traffic Source For 2020!

Hey guys. 

This is my favorite funnel traffic source.  It’s solo ads. I’m sure you’ve heard about solo ads before. It’s where you buy access to other marketer’s lists. It’s one of, if not the, most powerful ways to generate potentially profitable leads online. 

And on this page I’ve given you all the tools to create successful solo ad campaigns. (The downloads are below at the bottom of the page).

The first is this guide. It’s How To Write A Solo Mailing That Gets Attention And Results. In this guide I show you everything that goes into creating a successful solo email.

I’ve also included several solo ad templates that you can use to quickly create your own solo ad. 

And finally, and most importantly, I’ve given you my own Solo Ad Rolodex. These are solo ad sellers that I’ve used and had success with. This is worth a fortune because this list can deliver you amazing results over and over again.

So, what I recommend you do is use solo ads to drive traffic to the product funnels.

And you can do this 2 ways...

The first, is to simply drive the solo ad traffic directly to the FE sales pages of each of the funnels. Test and see if one of the funnels converts better than another and then ramp up your solo ad buys when you find a winner.

The second is much more powerful, however it takes more work.

It works like this:

  1. First you create a simple opt-in page that will catch the emails of the solo ad traffic. 
  2. With this opt-in page, you can give away something valuable in exchange for their email. Or you can promise them a benefit in exchange for their email. I've created several example opt-in pages below that you can use as is or as a template for your own.
  3. Then create a review page for the FE of one of the funnels. And that’s just a landing page with a product review (and video review if you want) and bonuses the prospect will receive if they buy through your link. They'll land on this page immediately after they opt-in.  
  4. Once your product review page is finished, you create several emails that promote the product. Upload those emails to your autoresponder. The prospect will begin receiving these emails as soon as they opt-in to your list.
  5. Once everything is set up and ready (the opt-in page, the review page, the emails, you want to purchase a solo ad campaign from one of the solo ad sellers I’ve provided you.
  6. You drive that solo ad traffic to the opt-in page.

And that’s it! The campaign basically runs on autopilot at that point. You can then purchase additional solo ads, participate in forums, create product launches, run paid ads, post on social media, create videos, build blogs etc. to drive traffic to your review page, opt-in page, or sales pages. 

Keep driving traffic and you can see an explosion of sales. 

Solo ads are the perfect way to start off a campaign and then continue to generate more and more traffic that can make you more and more money.

Okay, that’s it. Now you have all the tools you need for a successful solo ad campaign. Get started on it today!

Talk to you soon,

Here are your downloads:

How To Write A Solo Mailing That Gets Attention And Results

My Solo Ad Rolodex

Solo Ad Templates

Here are several example opt-in pages using the 6 Figure Funnels as examples (you can use these "as is" in your own campaigns if you'd like):

Easy E Cash Example Optin Page

The Secret Page Example Optin Page