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if I can do this... you can too...

I am not particularly bright or gifted. So just about everyone who knows me is surprised by where I am today. About the only things I'm any good at are typing, copying & pasting. And I'm not great – just decent. I don't have an MBA or a Ph.D., or professional licensing of any kind. 

Yet, working from the comfort of my home, I made almost $11k last month in my little one-man online business. I made close to that much the month before, too. While neighbors wake up bleary eyed and moaning, rushing to catch the bus, or scraping the ice off their cars in the early morning, for their grueling morning commute to work (that is, unless they've been laid off and are wondering how to pay the mortgage this month), I sit peacefully at my computer – typing, reading, copying & pasting, and sending emails to my tiny list. 

Me, working in my comfortable home office...

My home office window looks down on our wooded property, where chipmunk, squirrel, deer, raccoon, and fox roam freely. I sip my morning coffee in peace and tranquility, while other folks are already stuck in yet another boring, endless meeting, or serving yet another rude customer – part of the soul-deadening corporate/service life I gladly left behind a long time ago (and I've never looked back since).

I love being an online marketer. My definition of success is "Doing what you want to do, when you want to do it – and being paid very, very well for it." Being an online marketer has made that dream come true for me – as it can for you, too, as I'll explain in a minute.

Being an "online marketer" has given my family and me a comfortable, worry-free lifestyle. I became a successful online while in my 30s, and since then, there's nothing my wife and kids want that I can't easily indulge them in. (Although, I don't always do it! I prefer a modest lifestyle. I I don't have any car or house payments and we also have zero credit card or consumer debt.)

My online business allows me to live the life I always dreamed of!

But it wasn't always that way ... until I got some incredibly smart, unbelievably simple training on how to succeed as an online marketer.

By following that easy training, I gradually built my online business, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past several years promoting proven products and sending simple emails. 

Now, that "priceless training" on how to start and run a successful online business is once again available.

And just as a friend shared this life-changing information with me not too long ago ... and helped make my dreams come true by doing so ... now I want to share it with you. If you will let me.

Unemployed, Broke And Desperate

In 2006 I had just quit my job as a "Barista" at a chain coffee shop - because I was absolutely miserable and didn't think I could survive another day doing it. 

I thought that, instead of looking for another terrible job, I might try working online.  So I decided to become an affiliate marketer.  I had less than $700 in the bank.

I had no idea how to build websites... how to pick an offer... how to drive traffic... how to generate commissions... or how to properly build a list. And so my income was, well ... calling it "pitiful" would be generous: I made about $0.00 in my first year online.  

The only thing that kept us afloat was my fiancée's income. But it was barely enough.  We were deep in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, avoiding creditors, and spending hours each month trying to pick which bill to pay and which bill to skip

This went on for several years. I made a little money, here and there. I had a bit of luck building websites to generate Google Adsense income... but it was short lived. Soon I found myself facing a decision: Do I quit and go back to my "real" job... or do I stick it out and continue trying?

Lucky for me, I didn't quit. Don't know where I'd be right now if I had gone back to my "day job" at the coffee shop...

But it didn't happen that way (thank goodness) because one day a friend recommended a website to me.  A website that would change everything...

It was a 30-day "Challenge" course with the curious title of List Building Lifestyle: The 301k Challenge, and it was created by a top online marketer named Igor Kheifets - a marketer I'd never heard of. 

My friend recommended a website to me called "List Building Lifestyle: 301k Challenge"

I'm an avid buyer of "online marketing" courses, so I decided to give the course a trial run. 

To my surprise, List Building Lifestyle became my "Bible" for getting my online business off the ground – and generating tens of thousands of dollars of income from affiliate commissions over the past several years.

I referred to it as a source of guidance, inspiration, and ideas. I've watched every video in the course several times and whatever Igor said to do, I did.

And boy, did it work! After applying the strategies and techniques you'll learn in the 301k challenge, I grossed over $50,000 (my annual pay at the coffee shop had been $15,000). In 2019, my income shot up to around $70,000.

List Building Lifestyle has changed my life... now I make more money in a day than I used to make in a week!

The last year I generated over $100,000 in revenue, making a handsome income despite the sluggish economy. (You can, too.)

Now, all of the money I made came from sending simple emails to my small list of subscribers. 

The point? If you can generate a list, then you can make a handsome living as an independent, financially free online marketer, just like I do. Just like thousands of others like you and I do. 

It's not hard. In fact it's easy. You just need the proper guidance to show you the way

That's Where
List Building Lifestyle 
Comes Into Play

List Building Lifestyle is easily THE most effective training I've ever come across online. And I've bought literally hundreds of online training courses in my life. 

What makes List Building Lifestyle different, is that it's incredibly specific and there's nothing left out. Igor Khefeits, the course creator, takes you by the hand and shows you EXACTLY how to build a successful online business with list building. 

I guarantee it's like nothing you've seen before. 

Igor has been a top online marketer for the last 5+ years. He's a top 1% affiliate for Clickbank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus.  His knowledge is seemingly endless, yet his instructional style is simple, direct, and so easy to understand that anyone, no matter how little experience you have, can follow along with ease. 

Igor set up this program so that you will be able to achieve your first $1,000.00 in commissions within the first 30 days. You may not reach that goal, or you may do better, but what you will absolutely get is a firm understanding of exactly how to build an online business that actually produces results

This isn't your typical "guru" course produced as quickly as possible to make a fast buck. Igor put massive work into this and it shows. After going through this course it became so clear how to build an online business that I honestly felt there was no way I wouldn't succeed.

And I did! 

And so can you!

And here's just a sampling of what you'll discover in this unparalleled program:

The EXACT and shockingly simple steps you need to take to actually make money with affiliate marketing (SO many courses online leave big gaps in the training so that you're left scratching your head wondering what to do next. 301k Challenge leaves no stone unturned... you know exactly what to do each step of the way...)
Not only is the training thorough and exact, but you also have access to same-day email and phone support, and a very active Facebook group you can use to get any question answered quickly. (There's no stumbling around in the dark with this course. You will know exactly what to do and how to do it.)
The surprising secrets to why 99% of all affiliate marketers fail. If you've every tried affiliate marketing and failed (your'e not alone, I failed for a VERY long time before I began generating results with the 301k Challenge) and you truly want to succeed, then this is a course you must sign up for. I honestly believe that 301k challenge can give you the absolute best chance of succeeding with affiliate marketing. There's no other training that I've ever tried or even heard of, that provides what Igor's course provides. It truly is amazing (and insanely effective!)
The cheap and easy way to properly set up an online business and quickly build a highly profitable email list - most marketers I've met in my life have NO idea how to properly set up their business and it contributes to their inability to make any money at all. Failure is often the end result of poor planning, and that is why I believe 99% of everyone who tries to make money online fails. Igor "fixes" that for you by revealing cheap, easy, and fast ways to get started the RIGHT way... so success is virtually guaranteed by those who follow through with his training.
How to get approved to promote almost any product you want.  Another major hurdle/obstacle for online marketers is just getting approved to promote a product. Many product vendors are very picky about who they let promote their product. This can make it exceedingly difficult to find good products you can actually promote. Especially if you don't have any experience. Igor not only shows you what to do, but he gives you a "fill-in-the-blanks" template email you can send to product creators that all but guarantees they will allow you to promote their product. It gets SO much easier to make money online when you can promote better products. 
Shockingly simple traffic strategies that work. Traffic is possibly the most elusive part of creating a successful online business. Seems like every "expert" has his/her own method of generating traffic. I've seen it all. And I've tried it all. Igor's traffic generation methods are far and away the most effective, most profitable, and easiest ways I've ever experienced. Using the simple methods that Igor carefully lays out, I built a list of 4,000+ targeted subscribers in less than a month-and-a-half.  This is "sure-fire" traffic... not junk, not SEO, not Google, Bing, or Yahoo... not Facebook or Twitter... but REAL traffic that can fuel your REAL business for years to come. 

With Igor's training, I built a HIGHLY engaged list in a very short period of time.

A secret, insider, wickedly effective list-building shortcut that can move you like lightening from a "no clue at all" struggling beginner, straight to a "financially free list-building master" virtually overnight.  You'll be working part-time from home, making more money each week than most people make in a month, before other marketers have even learned how to build their first blog!
PLUS - Igor does all of this "live" in front of you. So you can see exactly how it's done. AND he gives you templates of everything he's doing so all you have to do is literally copy & paste and you're finished. This, in my opinion, is why so many people see success with the 301k challenge. You don't have to be a talented marketer. You don't have to be a copywriter. You don't need any special skills, talents or experience to make it work. Igor's already done almost all of it for you.
And so MUCH, MUCH more!

So basically...

The 301k Challenge has blasted out the dirt and rock, constructed the embankments, bridges and tunnels, removed the vegetation, laid the pavement material, flattened out the asphalt, added the traffic signs, and spray-painted the lines...

The road to success has been built for you! All you have to do is follow it!

The 301k Challenge is your "road to success"... all you have to do is follow it!

The Best Investment You Can Make In Yourself And Your Online Business Success Today

Is joining List Building Lifestyle – and accessing the 301k Challenge course – worth the investment of your time and money?

I say yes, absolutely! I think I might still be working at a coffee shop, struggling to survive, had it not been for the simple methods revealed to me in the 301k Challenge course.

It has changed my life.  Without question.

Now I live exactly how I WANT to live. 

I don't have a boss...

I don't have a commute...

I don't have an alarm clock...

I can go on vacation when I want. 

It's like I rubbed a magic lamp and a genie granted my wishes... it's that amazing!

YOU Can do it too!

A $10,778.56 Bonus Just For You... Absolutely FREE

The 301k Challenge is dead simple and incredibly easy... anyone can do it, no matter how little experience or skill you possess.  However, I wanted to make it as FAIL-PROOF, as EASY, and as PROFITABLE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE for you. I really want you to succeed with this, and succeed beyond your wildest expectations. So, as a special bonus for investing in The 301k Challenge through any link on this page today, I'm going to just GIVE you the exact campaigns I used to make $10,778.56 the last 30 days.  With these campaigns and the 301k Challenge, you can just "plug-n-play" and begin generating life-changing affiliate commissions every day enough to quit your job and work from home.   If you want to actually live the financially free "internet lifestyle",  this can help you achieve it even faster

PLUS, because I believe so strongly in the 301k Challenge and my $10,778.56 campaigns, if you put them together, and follow the instructions Igor lays out for you in the Challenge, and they fail to produce income for you, I'll give you $100 bucks for your trouble. That's right. $100 out of my own pocket. Just email me, show me how you gave it your best shot, and I'll promptly and courteously deposit $100 in your Paypal account.  Simple.

Click this link to get the $10,778,56 Affiliate Campaigns now

How To Claim Your Free Bonus

To claim the $10,778.56 affiliate campaigns, follow these simple steps:

1. Click here to gain instant access to the 301k Challenge

2. Forward your receipt to [email protected] so I can verify you purchased access to the 301k Challenge.

3. I will email you back asap with a link to access the campaigns. 

Why Am I Giving You A Bonus?

There are two reasons, actually. One, is I'm simply offering you an "ethical bribe" to gain access to 301k Challenge through any link on this page. When you do, I get paid a commission. Doesn't impact the cost of the challenge at all. You won't pay an extra dime.  But that's not the main reason I'm doing this.  The main reason I'm giving you these free $10,778.56 campaigns is because I know what it's like to struggle. I know what it's like to desperately desire success online and not be able to attain it, no matter how hard you try. I want to help you break free and achieve the same level of success that I've achieved (or even MORE!).  I want to see you proudly proclaiming your first sale in the List Building Lifestyle Facebook Group. I want to personally congratulate you when you reach your first $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 months! It fills me with joy to see my fellow marketers break the cycle of struggle and begin living the astonishingly awesome "internet lifestyle"...  You CAN do it... I'm 100% sure you can... And I want to be there when it happens! 

Click here to get started now! And don't forget to say "hello"
when you access the List Building Lifestyle Facebook Group!

You can never, never worry about money again! 

Within the next 30 days... you may never again worry about paying bills... having enough money for your family... having to work for someone else... or losing sleep over your retirement!

The List Building Lifestyle and the 301k Challenge Can do it for you...

Now is your chance to stop slaving like a sap for other people! There are hundreds of people now making life-changing income online, just because they know a few simple secrets... that you don't know...

Taking the 301k Challenge gave me the easy insight I needed to begin having many days like this...

start a new life right now!

Get instant access to the 301k Challenge today!

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Never let anyone RUN (or ruin) your life again...

Aren't you tired of letting others pull your strings and make you dance to their tune?

If you're like most other people... your whole life is controlled by others, and your financial future is dependent on people you may not even know! You have dreams of being free some day. Free from financial worry. You dream about having enough money for you and your family and their needs. But how are you going to do it? No matter what plans you've made there's no guarantee of security anymore, no matter what you do for a living! That's where the 301k Challenge comes in... it's your "Road To Success" you can take right now to achieve the kind of success you've been dreaming of.

The ONLY way to achieve
is to be financially independent!!!

Imagine a life where YOU make your own decisions! You decide when you want to go on vacation... take a day off, go on a trip, or just sit around and watch daytime TV! YOU can live like this... OTHERS DO! They don't have some special talent or rich relatives, THEY SIMPLY DO JUST A FEW THINGS YOU DON'T! But guess what, you can do the same things they're doing and live like them! IT'S EASY! List Building Lifestyle and the 301k Challenge can show you exactly how...

The Kind Of Life You Want & Deserve Can Be Yours!

What would you do first... if you made enough money to live your life without money problems?

Buy a NEW home? Or pay off your existing mortgage? to exotic places, whenever YOU want?

... eat in the finest restaurants, as often as you like?

... take a luxury cruise around the world?

... or how about just relaxing more?

start a new life right now!

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Money Isn't Everything?

Sayings and slogans like "Money isn't everything", have been hammered into our heads by those in the know, because "they" don't want you to know just how simple it can be to achieve financial freedom and live for yourself. Think about it, if everyone knew, there would be no "lower class" or "middle class", and the rich wouldn't be in the privileged class they are now. John D Rockefeller, one of the riches men in history, once said... "I've been rich and poor, and rich is much better."  Who can doubt this? All the things in life you want can be yours, but only if you know how to achieve your own financial goals.  And that's simple!

All you need, is to be shown... 
HOW to do it!

The 301k Challenge shows you exactly how... step-by-easy-step... to do it in the next 30 days no matter how little skill or experience you have, and no matter what your financial situation is right now, and no matter how good or bad the economy is!

All you have to do is act now to get started. The sooner you begin, the sooner you can see results.

But you MUST act now because THIS IS A limited OFFER... so hurry! 

In just 3 days the price for this course will skyrocket and probably be priced out of your range of affordability (it's normally priced at $8,000.00). This is the only chance you will have to obtain this incredible system, plus my $10,778.56 bonus, for this astonishingly low price at this time.  

So please, for the sake of your future, click the button below and get started with the 301k Challenge. It's changed my life and so many other's lives too. I'm 100% confident it can change your life as well. 

This is the call you've been waiting for, please answer it!

This is the "one" you don't want to miss!

Get Started With The 301k Challenge Today!

start a new life right now!

Get instant access to the 301k Challenge today!

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