Obviously, if you’re just starting out trying to make money online, you don’t want to spread yourself out too thin. You do NOT want to try affiliate marketing, eBay, product creation, consulting, Amazon, Google Adsense… all at ONCE! This is only going to dilute your efforts and make it impossible to produce positive results.

Unfortunately, this is a mistake most beginners make. They try the “shotgun” approach to making money on the internet. Not only does this not work, but it also produces frustration and aggravation that usually ends in the person quitting.

Another mistake many (if not most) make when they are just beginning is they suffer from “shiny object syndrome.” This is where the beginner tries a money-making method for a while, starts to get traction, but then quits because they get lured in by the big promise of another money making method.

I suffered from the “shiny object syndrome” for several years, and it caused me to lose a lot of money. I tried many different methods but never stuck with one long enough to see success.

That’s why I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you pick ONE ONE ONE money making method and stick with it until it’s producing profits. That’s how you become successful.

Be a master of one and not a jack of all trades.

If I could only pick one way to make money online, I would choose creating products. It’s fun, rewarding, stable, and offers a lot of growth potential. You can eventually build up your own brand where you have a large inventory of products you can sell over and over again. Now of course, that takes a LOT of time and energy. But, in the long run, it’s wroth it.

But it’s not for everyone. Maybe you like affiliate marketing. Or Ecommerce. Whatever floats your boat.

The point is find ONE thing you enjoy and ONLY focus on that. Keep at it till you succeed. Get advice. Perfect your system. Work at it until it’s delivering results. Then scale it up.  Honestly, that’s really the only way to make a LOT of money online.